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Complete-course-Sociology-optional-start-5th June-2023
Sociology Test Series & Mentorship Programme (Online only) For CSE Mains 24
Complete-course-Sociology-optional-start-5th June-2023
Sociology Test Series & Mentorship Programme (Online only) For CSE Mains 24
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Welcome to NICE IAS

NICE-IAS provides for guidance in the preparation for civil services examination, popularly known as IAS exam, conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and various state service commissions to recruit on administrative jobs at centre and state respectively. In most of the cases, State Service commissions follow the pattern and syllabus as adopted by UPSC.

We believe in imparting quality education. We inculcate in our student an affirmative approach to UPSC preparation with honesty and hard work. Our institute is run by a dedicated , sincere and experienced team of experts who have taken Civil Service Exam by UPSC upto Interview level. The team is led by Mr. Praveen Kishore, who has teaching experience of almost two and half decades and have produced almost 400 IAS/IPS and other bureaucrats.

Let’s hear it from one of our jewel- Anu Kumari (IAS, Rank 2, 2017)

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  • Sociology Optional

  • Society, Social Justice, Polity and Governance

  • GS-3

  • GS-4 Ethics

  • Mentorship Programme

  • Comprehensive GS Classes

  • Interview guidance Programme




2021 Achievers

  • Gamini Singla- AIR-3 (UPSC 2021 Topper)-NiceIAS Gamini SinglaAIR-03
  • Yaksh-chaturvedi-air-6-UPSC-2021 Yaksh ChaudharyAIR-06
  • Priyamvada Mhaddalkar-AIR-13-upsc-2021 Priyamvada-Mhaddalkar AIR-13
  • Namrata-Choubey-AIR-73-UPSC-2021 Namrata Choubey AIR-73

2019 Achievers

  • Neha Bhosle AIR-15 UPSC 2019 Neha BhosleAIR-15
  • Ruchi Bindal AIR-39 UPSC 2019 Ruchi BindalAIR-39
  • Pawan Goel AIR-131
  • Arushi Mishra AIR-229
  • Archit Nigam AIR-270

2018 Achievers

  • Sameer SaurabhAIR-32
  • Awhale-Manisha-Manikrao-AIR-33Awhale Manisha ManikraoAIR-33
  • Anya Das-AIR-60 Anya DasAIR-60
  • Raushan KumarAIR-114

2017 Achievers

  • Anu Kumari AIR-2 UPSC 2017 Anu KumariAIR-2
  • Akshat-Kaushal_AIR-55 UPSC 2017 Akshat-Kaushal AIR-55
  • Lavanya-Gupta_AIR-298 UPSC 2017 Lavanya-Gupta AIR-298
  • Vinay-Taneja_AIR-388 UPSC 2017 Vinay-Taneja AIR-388


About Nice IAS

NICEIAS is a premier coaching center that offers top-notch guidance and preparation for the UPSC Civil Services Examination, helping aspirants achieve their dreams. At NICEIAS We are committed to guiding you through the diverse concepts and theories of Sociology. With a well-structured curriculum, we cover a wide range of topics such as social structure, gender issues, and the dynamics of social change.

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